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Emotions First

Creating Confidence in Learning

Finally, online tutoring that focuses on mental health FIRST!

Our bespoke new online course begins with the first principal that children can't do their best learning if they aren't feeling emotional secure. 

Whether your child is feeling negatively about their ability or feeling anxious about going to school, our programme can help.

Emotions First is built around Emotional Literacy.  This is a person's ability to recognise, name, and express feelings.

At My Secondary Tutor, we take it a step further by exploring why your child is feeling these emotions and how they are impacting on their lives. 


We teach them practical ways to manage these emotions more positively so they can continue to thrive, learn and face each day confidently. 

Our Emotions First programme helps pupils to build confidence and think and feel more positively about themselves and their learning.


 When they believe, they really can achieve! 


At My Secondary Tutor we believe in a growth mindset.  This means we believe all children can achieve when they think positively and have confidence in themselves.  We help pupils to turn their negative feelings into positive ones and become more resilient and determined learners.


We work on a range of strategies to support pupils in developing a growth mindset.  We help them to become more independent and think positively about themselves and their learning.  We help them build resilience to tackle tasks head on and know when to seek support and who they can ask.


We help pupils to set targets for the future and we can support them to achieve them.  Whether they want to get more confident with maths or attend school more regularly, we can offer the support they need after they have completed the Emotions First programme.

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