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5 reasons why online tutoring will work for your family

Since 2019, the popularity of online tutoring has increased exponentially with both parents and tutors favouring either exclusive online tutoring or a mix of online and face-to-face sessions (survey carried out by the Tutor’s Association in July 2021). This post-pandemic shift seems to mark the end of face-to-face being the preferred, and more likely, method of tutoring only a couple of years ago.

So, it is clear that both parents and tutors are seeing many benefits to accessing tutoring online but is it the right decision for your child?

With so much at stake, let’s take a look at our top 5 reasons that online tutoring might be the preferred choice for you and your family.

1. It saves time

With online tutoring taking place using the electronic devices we have in our homes, online tutoring requires no additional travel time for either party.

Cutting out potential rush hour delays, fuel costs and unexpected travel disruptions can ensure that the sessions run on time, every time – a benefit to all involved!

With more reliability, the student is able to receive the online tutoring without disruption to their usual after-school routine.

As an added bonus, eliminating the need for travel is a much more environmentally sustainable option - especially if there was a reliance on cars.

2. Price

Because tutors do not need to travel to a student’s house, or venue for the session to take place, these savings can be passed on directly to the student.

3. Flexibility

Despite our best efforts, and good intentions, sometimes tutoring sessions can be cancelled or disrupted. When the planned session is online, rather than face-to-face, rearranging tends to be more straight forward as there is no need to factor in travel times.

Another huge advantage is the ability for online tutors to work more flexibly around your schedule.

Most online tutors are happy to work later at night as they have no need to travel, and can therefore fit sessions in around after-school clubs and other commitments more easily.

4. Preparation for the modern world

There is no doubt that much of the modern, working world uses technology as an integral part of business: transactions, communications, research and marketing are just to name a few!

Additionally, children are becoming more and more fluent with technology at much younger ages and are very accustomed to learning, exploring and sharing using the internet.

Online tutoring is a great way to support your child in their understanding of telecommunication and preparing them for a way of working that is now much more commonplace in the working world.

5. Use of multimedia resources

In this ever changing digital age, dynamic approaches to teaching, using a wide range of multimedia such as apps, websites and interactive whiteboards, is common-place in the classroom. For many face-to-face tutors, bringing this multimedia approach into the tutoring space with limitations of cost and space, is a challenge.

For online tutors, using videos, presentations, learning games and interactive apps is much easier to incorporate within a session.

Using these approaches to support the students understanding, supports engagement and retention of some of the more challenging learning content.

It is clear, that although face-to-face tutoring is still a preferred style for some families, online tutoring has fast come very popular and can have many benefits that to help support your child in their tutoring journey.

If online tutoring is the right choice for your family, we can help, with options for both primary and secondary-aged children!

Send a message to Karen who will be able to help you with an initial assessment and matching your child with the perfect tutor for them.

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