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Secondary Maths Tuition

Whether your child needs extra support to help them keep up at school, or a challenge to keep pushing them forwards,

My Secondary Tutor have qualified, experienced online tutors on hand to help your child. 

Our teachers can tutor the full range of secondary ages, and are able to teach to both the Scottish and English curriculum.

My Secondary Tutor firmly believe in meeting your teenager where they are, so the first online tutoring session will be an assessment and we will continue to assess them as they progress and grow with us.

At My Secondary Tutor, the learning is personalised to fit your child's learning style and interests, so we can make their online tutoring sessions as impactful as possible.

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Secondary English Tuition

Whatever your teenager's secondary English needs - comprehension support, creative writing coaching, essay writing skills or anything else - our friendly, experienced and qualified online tutors are ready to step in!

At My Secondary Tutor, we promote a growth mindset, coaching your child to help them to understand that the most powerful learning comes from our mistakes.

We tutor online in a wide range of subjects for pupils from across the UK and beyond, to support them through the transition from Primary to Secondary, Nationals to Highers and GCSE to A-level!

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Secondary Science

My Secondary Tutor presently offer Biology and Physics tuition to National 5 / GCSE level, with Chemistry to follow shortly.  It's so important with these subjects to have tutors with subject-specific knowledge who can help your child, not only with their knowledge, but also exam technique, essay writing and much, much more.

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Art and Design

My Secondary Tutor offer online tutoring in Art and Design to National 5 / GCSE and Higher standard with our specialist subject tutors - send Karen a message to find out more about how we can support your child with our subject-specific experts!

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We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer a subject-specific Spanish tutor for 1:1 sessions, teaching up to National 5 / GCSE standard. 

Our expert tutors can offer help with written and oral aspects of the exam, as well as exam techniques and much, much more! 

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What next?

Is there a subject that you'd like us to begin to offer that you don't yet see listed?

Complete the form below to register your interest and we'll be in touch as soon as it's available!

Group Sessions

At the moment we do not offer group sessions, but please register your interest below and we'll let you know the moment we make them available!


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