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My Secondary Tutor Online

Giving your secondary age child the confidence to achieve their full potential.

Our online secondary tutoring is provided by highly qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced secondary teachers, whose passion is to help pupils achieve the best possible results.  Our online secondary tutors are able to support pupils following the English National Curriculum and Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.  Whether your child is working towards their Scottish National or Higher qualifications or English GCSE's or A-levels, our secondary tutors have got you covered. 


My Secondary Tutor supports all ability levels from pupils who need extra support to boost their confidence, to those who require extra challenge to supplement their learning, and everyone in between!  Our online tutoring sessions can help to relieve your child's stress and anxiety as they get the academic input they need, all from the comfort and safety of their own home.   

Online Class
Online Teaching
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I'm Karen

I qualified as a teacher in 2004 and taught in a number of schools throughout the Highlands.  


In 2012, after finishing an acting Deputy Head Teacher post, I took a career break to have a family.  It was during this time I began tutoring as a way of maintaining my teaching skills.  I started working with local children, offering one-to-one and small group sessions, in my summer house in my garden.


I saw children’s confidence soar as they made connections in their learning and realised how important "Creating Confidence in Learning" is for children's development.  Through word of mouth, I quickly became quite busy and it was from there My Primary Tutor was established.

We're now a multi-award winning business (you can see a few we have won to the left), and as our tutees have grown alongside us, more and more parents began to ask whether we were going to begin to offer secondary tutoring.  The rest, as they say, is history!

You're here because...



You feel your child has missed out on a lot of learning and teaching due to the pandemic or other factors.  You are worried about how this will impact on their education and exam results in the future. 


Your child is showing signs of lacking confidence in their secondary subjects and you want to give them a boost, supporting what they're learning in school.


Your child has recently transitioned from primary to secondary and is finding the change difficult.  You think some 1 to 1 sessions could help build their confidence and get them back on track.

Why choose
My Secondary Tutor?


"The best thing about My Secondary Tutor is flexibility and personal service. Thanks to all the tutors my son achieved top of the class in English for S2 which 3 years ago we'd never have thought was possible. I'm sure his online classes helped him to achieve this."

"A huge thank you for the support and hard work of the tutors. The online sessions are worth every penny. A fantastic service, and I’m grateful for the amazing results they produce. My daughters understanding of maths has completely transformed."

How can online tutoring help your child?



Our online tutoring sessions help your child to build confidence.  Our subject specific secondary tutors take the time needed to make sure each pupil really understands their course work.  With weekly feedback and follow-up tasks for home, your child will be able to practise their skills and build their confidence even more! 


With increased confidence comes increased motivation.  My Secondary Tutor online sessions are designed to support the learning in the classroom.  Your child will be motivated and feel more confident in school as our online secondary tutors help them to get ahead in their school work!  Our pupils often comment on how good it feels when they work on a topic in school which they have already covered in their sessions.


Increased confidence and motivation often leads to improved performance! My Secondary Tutor recognise that each pupil is unique and so the outcomes and time to achieve will be different for each pupil.  Our online sessions are tailored to the needs of your child, to ensure they make progress in their learning at their own pace.

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